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Version: 10.00/11.49
Port: 7171
New Character Created: Kyle, player number 80. Welcome and have a good game!
Empty Houses: 1039
Hosted Houses: 0
Created Accounts: 41
Players Created: 8
Bans Accounts: 0
Guilds founded: 0

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Jan 01 2019 -
Grand Opening 25/01/19
We proudly anounce the grand opening of the new global server Mortera Global, new server full updated, working with client 10 and 12, All the quest and they're scripts, also new AI boss system.

Update to:

New hunt places

New creatures

New items

New outfits

New Mounts

Full Library

More Information

  • Anti entrosa system

  • Facon Bastion

  • Warzone 1,2,3,4,5,6

  • Ferumbras Ascension

  • Deathlings new bosses

  • Asuras extencion

  • Imbuement and prey system

  • Dont waste any more time, go create an account (create your character) invite your friends and your enemies as well, make quest, fight in war, earn outfits and mounts, and enjoy your gameplay!. Create your account now

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